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March 9, 2012

I grew up on the edge of a large (but not very old) forest. The area directly behind the house swamped every year in spring and there was an abundance of ferns. I admit I have no idea what kind of fern, but there were fiddle heads in spring and later on we ate the roots. Well the kids did. We called them indian bananas (Which is not only politically incorrect it also doesn’t really do a good job describing the food, but it’s what we called them). I loved eating wild food as a child, and I love the idea of foraging the urban wilds as an adult.

Once again 66 Square Feet has posted something that looks relevant and delicious. As spring approaches she’s posted a couple wild growing plants to look for. The first I noticed was Japanese Knot Weed. It didn’t grow in the forest behind my house, so it’s not a plant I’m very familiar with. Most parks have rules about taking plants (don’t do it), but knot weed is invasive and the harvesting time is when it’s sending up shoots. So it stands to reason that it would be a not bad thing to grab some young shoots once they start coming up.

I found a patch next to a parking lot. No shoots yet, but it’s entirely possible I will be back here in April to try them out.


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