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How does my garden grow?

March 15, 2012

We’re in a stage where most of the plants are being kind of boring. They’re putting out more growth and getting ready to eventually set fruit. We’re past the really exciting stage (did they germinate? wow look at those little guys go!), and we’ve yet to reach the tasty stage.

Our sunset lettuce, about 35 days old and post thinning.

10 days old, our french breakfast beauties are going for it.


The first crops we’re expecting to reach the tasty stage are Sunset Lettuce and French Breakfast Radishes. We’re planning a salad, for sometime about 2.5 weeks in the future. I’ve got to get on to the second planting of the lettuce, I was planning to do it around the same time I put in the radishes, so I could plan a second salad some time in early may. The lettuce packet tells me that they take a little under two months to mature, while the radishes are super fast at 25 days. If this staggered salad planting works, I can plan on havingĀ  snack out of my windowsill garden every month. How efficient.

Flower buds have formed on all of the bean plants.

Over in the living room our big stars (royalty purple podded bush beans) are continuing to get harassed by the cats. They’ve also slowed down on leaf growth and appear to have all decided to make beans. All of the plants are sporting multiple flower buds, I wonder how long until beans? Will they be on time for my salad date with the radishes?

So this is how my garden grows. Rumor has it that I might be getting a community garden plot, which would mean more than one snack a month worth of vegetables! I’m crossing my fingers.



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