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A small problem on the windowsill.

March 23, 2012

The green things are moving  along and putting out good growth, and otherwise being boring. The planters however are starting to show a weakness.  The self watering planters rely on a reservoir of standing water in their base, and I’m keeping them in my windows. They have developed a fly problem. I think they’re just fruit flies, but they’re going crazy and so am I.

I’m not sure what to do with this problem, and if it’s a significant enough issue to force me to stop using these planters. I’m finding them to be very good at actually growing things, and they are very low maintenance.  I’ve opened the window without a screen, and I’ve gone on morning fly killing missions.

In the land of good? The bean flowers have opened, and one has started to unfurl it’s little bean. It is green right now, but I assume it will turn purple on it’s  way to becoming a mature little guy.

We also harvested 1 gram of lettuce today. Very exciting.


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