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A month of progress.

April 21, 2012

I’m writing this using my computer which has just been rescued from the grave, and one of the reasons why I haven’t updated this recently.

A month has passed, and I have harvested that promised salad of beans and radishes and lettuce. It was small (37 grams) but delicious. More radishes are getting up to size, and even more are sprouting.


There have been mysterious lettuce problems, and the gain of a community garden plot. We’ve been experiencing a very early spring after a very mild winter, so we’ve put out some plants MONTHS before I would normally dare put them outside. In fact today I plan on transplanting a tomato that just has to get out of its pot. If it dies, it dies, because it certainly isn’t going to make it if it doesn’t get into the ground. I also plan on putting in the second (!!!) zucchini this afternoon. The first was put in almost two weeks ago. It was a similar situation, I didn’t have a pot for it, so it was waste a seedling, or put it in the ground. So far so good, although it has been very dry. The plot is about 1.5 miles from the house, so we’re not getting over there often enough to water and tend the babies. I’m hoping we can figure out a better schedule.

This is the community garden we’ve moved into. This is the first year after renovation, so really we’re responsible for building up and maintaining the soil. It’s been a really hard dig getting it turned and adding compost. But the water has been turned on, and the neighbors have been really friendly. You can see our plot as the third one in on this picture. That was April 8th, I’d turned the back 2.5 feet, and started down the side. We’d also put peas in the ground along the side of the back section.


Anyway, once I get this computer back up to speed with photos/photoshop I’ll fill in the blanks on the last month.


I’m hoping we’ll also get some photos today of how our garden grows.



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