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On Using Pop Bottles for Tomato Seedlings

April 21, 2012

Kind of the most amazing thing ever. Right now.



These two pop bottle planters have a variety each in them. On the left, Green Zebra, on the right, Yellow Pear. They were both grown from seed, started in peat pellets and then transplanted into self watering pop-bottle planters. I’ve fertilized them both in the past two months they’ve been growing, and I’ve gotten to the point where I need to water them every second day. They’ve become monsters.


The above picture just shows the Green Zebra as of today. The yellow pear have been separated into separate bottles, and one has been put in the outside ground (we’ll see if that works). There’s a little less than a week between the two pictures and you can see the serious amount of growth these guys have put in.

My only concern is they might have grown too fast. Not too leggy, but once they get outside, I’m worried about how they’re going to deal with the wind. I guess only time will tell.



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